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Jubatus Team Members

Yuya Unno
Yuya Unno ― Project Lead
Expertise: Natural Language Processing, Text Mining
Contributions: Project Management, Algorithm Development, Feature Converter, Client Generator
Shohei Hido
Shohei Hido ― Algorithm Development Lead
Expertise: Data Mining, Machine Learning
Contributions: Algorithm Design and Development (Anomaly Detection), Business Development
Daisuke Okanohara
Daisuke Okanohara ― Advisor
Contributions: PR, Vision, Algorithm Design, Business Development
Kenta Oono
Kenta Oono ― Developer
Expertise: Mathematics (Conformal Geometry)
Contributions: Algorithm Design (Anomaly Detection, Graph Mining), Documentation, IDL
Kumazaki Hiroki
Kumazaki Hiroki ― Developer
Expertise: Distributed System
Contributions: Architecture Design and Development
Seiya Tokui
Seiya Tokui ― Developer
Expertise: Machine Learning
Contributions: Algorithm Design and Development (Recommender, Anomaly Detection, Graph Mining), Architecture Design and Development
ODA Satoshi
ODA Satoshi ― Project Lead
Expertise: Information Security, Distributed System
Contributions: Development, Performance Quality Management and patent survey
Kenichi Maehashi
Kenichi Maehashi ― Developer
Contributions: Release Management, OSS Promotion, Documentation
Ryohei Imamasu
Ryohei Imamasu ― Developer
Contributions: Release Management, Documentation
Shuzo Kashihara
Shuzo Kashihara ― Developer
Expertise: Distributed System
Contributions: Release Management, Refactoring
Yukihiro ODA
Yukihiro ODA ― Developer
Contributions: Refactoring, Support
Gentaro Watanabe
Gentaro Watanabe ― Developer
Takashi Abe
Takashi Abe ― Developer
Hiroaki Murase
Hiroaki Murase ― Developer
Min Luo
Min Luo ― Developer
Expertise: Distributed DBMS System
Contributions: Development, Documentation
Takaya Saito
Takaya Saito ― Developer