jenerator -l <lang> [options ...] idl ...


jenerator generates implementation of proxy, server template and C++ client from extended MessagePack-IDL file.

jenerator is not installed by default (see tools/jenerator in the source tree).


  • [] indicates the default value.
-l <lang>

Specify a language of the client code to generate. Currently cpp, java, python, ruby and go are supported. Specify server if you need to generate servers and proxies.

-o <dirpath>

Specify a directory to output the generated source files.

If not specified, the current directory will be used.


Use relative path for #include directives.

Effective only when generating C++ code (servers, proxies and C++ clients). This option is intended for use by Jubatus developers. You don’t need this option except you’re going to build generated code inside Jubatus source tree.

-n <namespace>

Specify a namespace for generated source.

If not specified, the global namespace will be used.


Generate server template.

Effective only when generating servers and proxies.

-g <guard>

Specify a prefix used for include guards in header files.

Effective only when generating C++ code (servers, proxies and C++ clients). If not specified, include guards will not be prefixed.

--idl-version <version>

Specify a version number of the IDL file. If specified, the version number will be embedded into the generated source code.

If not specified, version number will not be embedded.

-help, --help

Print the brief usage of the command.