ANALYZE 'data' BY MODEL model_name USING method_name


jubaql> ANALYZE '{"name": "慶喜"}' BY MODEL cls USING classify

jubaql> ANALYZE '荻野貴司' BY MODEL reco USING complete_row_from_id


ANALYZE queries a previously defined and trained Jubatus model for results of the learning process.

  • data is a string that will become the parameter of the given Jubatus method. When this parameter is a datum, data is expected to be a JSON string and will be converted to a datum using the columns specified in the WITH clause of the CREATE MODEL statement.
  • model_name is the name of a model previously defined using CREATE MODEL. (For the returned value to make any sense, that model should have also been trained using the UPDATE MODEL statement.)
  • method_name is the method to use for analyzing the model:
    • calc_score for an ANOMALY model,
    • classify for a CLASSIFIER model,
    • complete_row_from_id or complete_row_from_datum for a RECOMMENDER model.


  • The results will be returned as JSON corresponding to each method’s return type.