How to Get Clients

There are two ways in getting a client code of each service in each language.

  • Use package management system (see Quick Start)
  • Generate client code with jenerator and .idl file

In the following section, we explain these methods in detail.

Use pre-generated client

As explained later, client codes are generated from jenerator. But if you want to use client code casually, it is recommended that you install them by using package management system.

Generate clients from jenerator

We can generate client codes by jenenator from msgpack-idl .idl file. jenerator is an idl compiler written in OCaml and .idl file is a specification file of msgpack-idl. See Using Code Generators for detail. The followings are example of generating clients (and servers). In this example, we generate clients of classifier.

$ jenerator -l cpp -o . classifier.idl
$ ls
classifier_types.hpp classifier_client.hpp classifier_server.hpp

Owing to this code-generating system, application developers can easily support clients written in multiple programming languages.