In this section, we introduce a way to use jubaclassifier through a Jubatus client.

Classifier is a module to classify given data. For example, you can use Classifier to detect spam e-mails.


Let’s use gender as a sample program using Classifier. This program classifies a person into male or female through the features of his/her hair style, height and clothes.

As a first step, the program updates the model of jubaclassifier using the training data. A training data is a pair of a class (male or female) and features (hair style, height, clothes). After preparing some training data, the program makes jubaclassifier learn them.

Next, the program analyzes the test data using model of jubaclassifier . It prepares test data, and then jubaclassifier classifies each of them into male or female using the learned model.

For example, if you give the feature data as following to jubaclassifier, it will return “female”.

"hair" is "long"
"top" is "shirt"
"bottom" is "skirt"
"height" is 1.50


The following is a typical flow of development using Jubatus Client:

  1. Sets a connection configuration to jubaclassifier
    Setting the HOST, RPC port and the instance name of jubaclassifier .
  2. Prepare training data
    Make some pairs of classes and feature sets.
  3. Train the model using prepared data (update the model)
    Send the training data to jubaclassifier using train method.
  4. Prepare the test data
    Make a set of feature data.
  5. Classify the test data
    Send the test data to jubaclassifier using classify method.
  6. Output the result
    Compare the score value of each class, and output the class of the highest score.