Jubatus Servers


jubaclassifier [options ...]
jubaanomaly [options ...]


Jubatus server provides the machine learning feature.


  • [] indicates the default value.
  • <zookeeper_list> is a comma-separated list of host:port of ZooKeeper servers (e.g.,,, No spaces between values are allowed. If you have only one ZooKeeper server, just specify host:port without comma (e.g.,
-p <port>, --rpc-port <port>

Port number to listen for RPC requests. [9199]

-b <address>, --listen_addr <address>

IPv4 address to listen for RPC requests.

If not specified, listens for requests on all IPv4 addresses.

-B <interface>, --listen_if <interface>

Network interface to listen for RPC requests.

If not specified, listens for requests on all network interfaces.

Cannot be specified altogether with --listen_addr (in that case this option will be ignored).

-c <num>, --thread <num>

Number of threads to accept RPC connection. [2]

-t <seconds>, --timeout <seconds>

Session timeout of RPC in seconds. [10]

0 means disable timeout.

-d <dirpath>, --datadir <dirpath>

Path of directory to save and load training models using save and load RPC requests. [/tmp]

-l <dirpath>, --logdir <dirpath>

Path of directory to output ZooKeeper log files.

If not specified, logs are dumped to the standard error.

-g <log_config>, --log_config <log_config>

Path of the logging configuration file in log4cxx (XML) format.

If not specified, logs are dumped to the standard output.

-f <config>, --configpath <config>

Path of the server configuration file.

This option must be given when --zookeeper is not specified (i.e., running in standalone mode).

-m <model>, --model_file <model>

Path of the model file to load at startup.

-D, --daemon

Launch in daemon mode (detach from console).

-T, --config_test

Validate the contents of configuration file and exit immediately.

-z <zookeeper_list>, --zookeeper <zookeeper_list>

List of ZooKeeper server(s).

If not specified, Jubatus servers run in standalone mode.

-n <name>, --name <name>

The instance name, which is a value to uniquely identify a task in the ZooKeeper cluster.

This option must be given only if --zookeeper is specified.

<name> should not contain characters that cannot be used as ZooKeeper node name (such as /).

-x <mixer>, --mixer <mixer>

MIX strategy used when choosing MIX node. [linear_mixer]

One of linear_mixer, random_mixer, broadcast_mixer, or skip_mixer can be specified. MIX strategies available may differ depending on the engine.

-s <seconds>, --interval_sec <seconds>

Invoke “mix” in every <seconds> second. [16]

Specifying 0 disables time-based mix invocation.

-i <count>, --interval_count <count>

Invoke “mix” in every <count> updates. [512]

The update is counted when API that updates the training model (such as train in the classifier) is called.

Specifying 0 disables update-based mix invocation.

-Z <seconds>, --zookeeper_timeout <seconds>

Session timeout between ZooKeeper and Jubatus Server in seconds. [10]

-I <seconds>, --interconnect_timeout <seconds>

Timeout of RPC between Jubatus Servers in seconds. [10]

-v, --version

Print the version of Jubatus server.

-?, --help

Print the brief usage of the command.